What Is IV Sedation

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IV sedation, also referred to as intravenous sedation, is commonly used for wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants.

We offer IV sedation, not only for wisdom teeth extractions and implants, but also for other types of dental procedures (including fillings, crowns, root canals, and gum disease treatments).

IV sedation dentistry gives people who might have avoided the dentist for years a safe, comfortable solution for seeking dental care.

Here is how IV sedation dentistry works: As the name implies, you will receive the general anesthesia through an IV line that’s connected into a vein in your arm. Within seconds of receiving IV sedation, you’ll be unconscious. You won’t be aware of anything that’s going on during the dental treatment, you’ll feel no pain, and you’ll have no memory of it afterward.

For IV sedation, you will need someone to pick you up after your dental appointment and then monitor you for 2-4 hours after you leave our office, as the full effects of the anesthesia fully wear off.

IV sedation is highly recommended if you suffer from extreme dental anxiety, if you have trouble getting numb with Novocain, if a disability makes it difficult for you to undergo dental treatments, and/or if you’re undergoing a complex dental procedure.

Is IV sedation right for you? In a free dental consultation, we can discuss your options, which include other forms of sedation for dentistry (nitrous oxide and conscious sedation). In the consultation, we’ll go over your dental history and your medical history.

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