Extensive Treatment In One Visit

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If you’d like to have several procedures completed during just one appointment, IV sedation or conscious sedation could be the best answer!

We’re able to perform extensive dental treatment in just one or two visits for patients who are leaving the Denver area or Colorado Springs area, may be losing their dental insurance benefits in the near future, have trouble taking time off work, and/or simply prefer to do everything at one time. We also often use longer appointments for smile makeovers and full or partial smile reconstructions.

The ability to complete extensive dental treatment in fewer visits, while being sedated, can also be an excellent option for people who are extremely afraid of the dentist. The less appointments, the better, for people with high dental anxiety. In addition, sedation dentistry ensures that there’s no physical pain or even discomfort.

Dental treatments to combine and complete in a single visit can include the following:
•fillings (a single filling or multiple fillings)
extractions (including wisdom teeth extractions)
•crowns and bridges
•restoration of cracked or broken teeth
•repair / replacement of cracked or broken fillings
cosmetic dentistry (such as veneers, white fillings, silver amalgam filling removal, and more)

To find out if this type of “accelerated” dental treatment plan is the right fit for you, we invite you to come in for a free sedation dentistry consultation.

During this consultation, you can meet with an experienced sedation dentist to discuss the dental treatment you need, how and when it can be completed, and the different sedation options.  We can compare and contrast types of sedation such as oral sedation vs. laughing gas.

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