We Can Help You Have A Relaxed Dental Visit

We’d love to help you have a relaxed dental visit. Please click here to schedule a dental appointment or free consult.

We’re pleased to offer 3 different sedation dentistry options: laughing gas, oral sedation dentistry, and IV sedation dentistry.

In addition, we suggest these 10 tips for more relaxed visits to the dentist.

Talk To Us – Feeling anxious or even fearful about your next trip to the dentist? Wondering if painless dentistry is possible?  Please feel free to talk with us about your fears. We pride ourselves on treating people, not just teeth and gums. Let us know how you’re feeling, and we’ll be able to tailor our dental treatment and customize a pace to fit your needs.

Regular Visits To The Dentist – When you come in consistently for regular dental visits and exams, we can catch dental problems at their earliest stages, when they’re less painful and less expensive to treat.

Advances In Today’s Dentistry – In the past decade, there have been advances, not only in sedation dentistry, but also in general dental treatments. As dentists, we have many modern, pain-free techniques that might not have been available when you were growing up.

Knowledge Can Promote Relaxation – If you would like to learn more about the dental treatment we’re performing, please feel free to ask.

Distraction – At your next dental visit, before the dentist comes into the room, start focusing on some plan or task to divert your attention. Picture your last vacation or fun activity, or focus your energy on something that makes you happy.

Set Aside Quality Time For Your Dental Visit – Don’t squeeze your appointment with the dentist in between other commitments. Come when you’re not rushed, physically strained, or troubled by other concerns.

Relaxation Techniques – If you are not undergoing sedation dentistry, and you’re fully conscious, deep, rhythmic breathing during your dental treatment can help relax you.

Imagine – Before your dental appointment and during it (if you’re not undergoing sedation dentistry), visualize yourself feeling relaxed and comfortable, sitting calmly and confidently.

Praise Yourself – After you’ve successfully completed a visit to the dentist, praise yourself! You deserve it.

We look forward to seeing you soon for a relaxed dental visit!

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