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Sedation dentistry can change the way you view dentistry! If you are afraid of the dentist or have anxiety about dental appointments, sedation can help make treatments much easier!

Most dental offices in the Denver area and Colorado Springs do not offer all three types of sedation for dentistry, but we do offer:

  • IV sedation (also known as general anesthesia)
  • oral sedation (also known as conscious sedation)
  • laughing gas (also known as nitrous oxide)

In addition to our three types of sedation dentistry, we also take great pride in offering high-quality, comfortable dentistry, including the following:
dental emergencies (cracked or broken tooth, swollen cheek, abscessed tooth, etc.)
cosmetic dentistry (composite fillings, silver amalgam filling replacement, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, and more)
•teeth whitening
periodontal care
dentistry for children
dental implants
dentures (full sets of dentures and partial sets of dentures)
wisdom teeth extractions
accidents or injuries

To schedule your dental appointment or free consultation, please e-mail or call the dental office you would like to visit:

Denver / Centennial Dental Office (I-25 and Dry Creek),, please call (303) 309-0749

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Our sedation dental office is near you if you live or work in: Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, southeast Aurora, Parker, Denver Tech Center, Meridian, Inverness, or Park Meadows.

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