We Can Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety

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An estimated 60% of adults express anxiety about an upcoming dental visit. Other people experience a fear of the dentist that becomes so intense that they tend to avoid dental treatment altogether, even when it’s urgently needed.

We’re not born with a fear of the dentist. Instead, most fear is learned behavior that may have come from other people’s fears being passed on or from a firsthand traumatic dental experience in childhood.

Often, people express fear of shots / needles and fear of drilling. The more anxious someone becomes, the lower the tolerance for discomfort, which can then create a vicious cycle.

To help patients who are anxious, we offer a wide variety of the very best techniques available for helping patients overcome their dental anxiety issues, including gentle dental care and open communication.

We also have three types of sedation for dentistry (laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation).

Each visit to the dentist can and should be a positive one, and we do everything we can to ensure that’s true.  If you’ve had dental anxiety in the past, we get it and we can help!  We are here to give you a new, relaxed, option in your dental care.

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