Cracked Or Broken Teeth: A Dental Emergency

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Do you have a cracked or broken tooth or teeth? Did you lose a tooth? Contact us right away.  It is possible that we may be able to save the tooth, and sedation will help you feel more relaxed during the treatment.

Cracked or broken teeth can be caused by the following:
•accident, injury, or trauma
•large fillings (including silver amalgam) that weaken over time
•teeth grinding and clenching

When you have a cracked or broken tooth, you may notice that a section of your tooth is missing, or you may feel a jagged edge, you could experience sensitivity to hot and cold. Worse, you might feel dental pain, throbbing pain, and have a swollen cheek in which case, you should call immediately and let us know that it’s a dental emergency.

When your tooth becomes cracked, and is left untreated, it can lead to an even deeper crack, a part of the tooth breaking off, or the root becoming temporarily or even permanently damaged.

Our priority is always to save a tooth, if possible, because the more natural teeth you can retain throughout your lifetime, the better your dental health, and your overall health. In order to save the tooth, we might replace the filling (if it has one), place an onlay, or restore it with a crown (and then possibly a root canal).

If we can’t repair the tooth, we can perform a tooth extraction, and replace it with a dental implant or a bridge.  If you have just chipped a tooth, we can help with that as well but please contact us right away.

If reading all of this is already making you anxious, do not worry, we get it and we specialize in treating patients who are afraid of or anxious about dental treatments.

For all of the dental procedures mentioned above, sedation is available. There’re three types of sedation:
IV sedation (general anesthesia)
conscious sedation (oral sedation)
nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Depending on the treatment and your personal level of dental anxiety, we can make a recommendation as to what type of sedation would be the best for you.

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