Nitrous Oxide ~ Laughing Gas

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Feeling nervous about the next trip to the dentist, or do you have trouble getting numb? Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) can help relax you. During your dental treatment or procedure, nitrous oxide is administered through a scented nose piece, and it could create a feeling of deep relaxation for you.

This sedation option has been around for many centuries – historically, nitrous oxide was first applied in dentistry in 1844, in Hartford, Connecticut.

Not all of the dentists in the Denver metro area have nitrous oxide available in their offices, but we’re pleased to offer it as an option to patients. Nitrous oxide can be used alone, but more frequently, it is used alongside Novocain.

We’re able to tailor our dental procedures and pace to your needs, and before we begin treatment, we explain all of the steps thoroughly, as well as allowing time for questions.

We would love to make your next trip to the dentist your best trip to the dentist.  We can offer insights on sedation dentistry techniques, talk about the use of laughing gas for cleanings, and discuss oral sedation vs. laughing gas.  We can also answer your questions about nitrous oxide, such as, can you drive afterwards, etc.

As an alternative to laughing gas, we also offer conscious (oral) sedation and IV sedation.  We would be happy to talk with you about how we administer each type of sedation for dentistry and ease your nerves about sedation techniques.

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