We Can Help If You’re Afraid Of The Dentist

If you’re afraid to make a dental appointment, please reach out to us. Take the first step and click here to schedule a free sedation consultation.

Be honest… do you look forward to going to the dentist?  Most likely not. Most people, however, would like to maintain good dental health (which directly ties to your overall health, as well as appearance), so they schedule their necessary appointments and then follow through on recommended dental treatment.

For some patients, though, a visit to the dentist can be extremely difficult. As experienced sedation dentists, we’re compassionate and understanding, and we regularly help people overcome their fear of the dentist (also known as dental phobia).

How do we accomplish that? We start off with good, solid, communication. If you’re afraid of the dentist, we’ll discuss the causes of your fear of the dentist, and we’ll then come up with a comprehensive plan to restore and/or maintain your dental health.

That may involve splitting complex treatment into several dental visits, or scheduling it all in one day. It could involve slowing down treatments or speeding them up. Just as no two patients are alike, neither are our approaches to dealing with a fear of the dentist.  We will customize each visit to your unique, specific needs.

In each instance, we’ll do what’s best for you. In addition to some or all of the approaches above, we also have laughing gas / nitrous oxide, oral sedation / conscious sedation, and IV sedation at our disposal.

Our goal, each and every visit, is to ensure that your dental care experience is as positive as it is comfortable.

If you’d like to schedule your free dental consultation, please contact the dental office near you:

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