Free Dental Consultation

Call today to schedule your free dental consultation, which includes X-rays.

We’re pleased to offer a free dental consultation, including X-rays.

During your free dental consult, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with an experienced sedation dentist who can explain the different dental treatments and sedation options and answer all of your questions. We’ll be happy to discuss the costs of your dental treatment, dental insurance plan coverage, and your payment options.

Whether you’re interested in a cosmetic consultation for a full smile reconstruction, dental implants, a smile makeover, or it’s been awhile since you’ve seen the dentist, we can talk it through during your consultation.

Or perhaps you just want to talk about your fear of the dentist or anxiety about dental treatments. These are the most common types of consultations that we do.

Perhaps you went to another dentist but you aren’t comfortable with making a decision about your treatment yet.  We’re also happy to provide a free second opinion during our consultation. If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the dentist you’re currently seeing, we can talk about your concerns, and go over the steps to take to transfer your dental records (don’t worry, it’s easy)!

In order to schedule your free dental consultation, please call or send an e-mail,