Evening Dental Appointments

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For your convenience, these dental offices offer evening dental appointments:

Evening dental appointments mean that you can schedule your dental appointment (cleaning, exam, or dental treatment) after work. After your dental appointment, you can then head straight home to relax.

We’re able to offer three types of sedation dentistry:

IV Sedation Dentistry: With IV sedation, you are completely unconscious. We monitor your vital signs throughout the entire procedure. IV sedation is an excellent option for people who are extremely afraid of the dentist, want to complete several treatments in one visit, and/or need to have a complicated treatment performed (e.g. wisdom teeth extraction or dental implant placement).

Oral Sedation Dentistry: Oral sedation dentistry is also known as “conscious sedation.” With this type of sedation, you are partially awake, but time seems to pass very quickly, and after your treatment is completed, you’ll have little or no memory of what happened. Sleep dentistry is a great option for people who are afraid of the dentist, haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, and/or have a strong gag reflex.

Laughing Gas / Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide is the technical term for laughing gas, which is administered through a nose piece. Its name is apt, because it will probably make you giggle. Laughing gas is a great option for people who are anxious about visiting the dentist. You can even have laughing gas for cleanings.

Please note that in addition to evening dental appointments, we also offer early morning dental appointments.

Sedation Dentist Near Me
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