Wake Up To A New Smile

During the month of February, we’re pleased to offer free sedation for all new patients. Some restrictions will apply, so call (303) 323-8149 for more details.

If you’re extremely afraid of the dentist, there’s a great option for you: sleep dentistry. Also known as “conscious sedation” and “oral sedation,” this type of sedation is making it possible for people to restore their smiles and also their dental health!

Dental procedures that can help to create a healthy, new smile include:
composite, white fillings
crowns and bridges
•inlays and onlays
dental implants
root canals
•porcelain veneers

Sleep dentistry allows even the most fearful patient to tolerate dental appointments and treatments, and it’s so easy! You take a pill before your treatment, and while you’re “conscious” during the appointment, you’ll have little or no memory of the dental visit and won’t be aware of the passage of time.

Throughout your dental visit, we monitor your vital signs, to ensure your safety. And you’ll need to have someone come with you to the office and drive you home after the appointment, because of the sedative effects of the pill.

Thanks to sleep dentistry, you are now able to get several dental procedures completed in one visit, which might also help reduce your dental anxiety.

In addition to sleep dentistry, we are also proud to offer IV sedation dentistry and laughing gas / nitrous oxide.

If you have additional questions about sleep dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or our types of sedation options, please call our office (303) 323-8149 or e-mail contact@sedationdentistdenverco.com.

Please make note: In a free dental consultation, we can talk about the exciting possibilities for your new smile, as well as which type of sedation might be best for you. Our dental office is located in Lone Tree, just east of Highlands Ranch.