Chipped Tooth: A Dental Emergency

If you have chipped your tooth and are experiencing a dental emergency, call us immediately. We should be able to get you in for a same-day dental appointment. Please contact the office nearest you:

Denver / Centennial Dental Office, (near I-25 and Dry Creek, just south of Park Meadows Mall), please call (303) 309-0749

If you’ve chipped a tooth, please call our dental office immediately. In many cases, we can get you in the same day that you call. We offer early morning dental appointments (starting at 7:00 am) and evening dental appointments.

We offer all three types of sedation dentistry: nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Sedation can be particularly helpful in the case of dental emergencies.

Chipped Tooth: What To Do Immediately
If you chip a tooth, you can rinse with warm salt water. If there’s bleeding, apply a clean gauze pad, using gentle pressure. You can also use an ice pack to reduce swelling.

Chipped Tooth Solution – Bonding
If you’ve just chipped off a small section of your tooth, typically, we can repair that with bonding. With bonding, we use a tooth-colored resin. We’ll etch the surface of your tooth, in order to make the bonding material apply to it. Then we’ll place the tooth-colored resin and shape it to make it look like a natural tooth. To harden the material, we use an ultraviolet light. Bonding is a fairly simple, easy process that can restore your natural smile. Laughing gas is the form of sedation that can help with bonding.

Chipped Tooth Solution – Crown
If you’ve lost a large chunk of your tooth, we might need to place a crown on it. We can use a porcelain crown that will blend in with the natural look of your smile. If the chip is really severe, and the tooth’s nerve gets damaged, we may also need to do a root canal. Oral sedation or IV sedation can help if you need to get a crown and/or a root canal.

Causes Of A Chipped Tooth
These are the most common causes of a chipped tooth:

  • biting on hard candy
  • biting on a bone
  • biting on ice
  • falling and hitting your mouth
  • a hard hit to your mouth
  • grinding your teeth

For information about a chipped tooth, or to schedule an emergency appointment, please contact one of our dental offices.

Please note: At our dental offices in Denver / Centennial, and Colorado Springs, we accept most types of dental insurance and are in network for many plans, including: Assurant Dental, Cigna Dental, Humana Dental, Guardian Dental, Aetna Dental, MetLife Dental, United Concordia Dental, Anthem Dental, Delta Dental and more.

Sedation Dentist Near Me
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