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Are you nervous about using sedation for dentistry? Don’t be – we offer three types of sedation dentistry, and we can help you choose the one that is the right fit for you.

We are pleased to offer a free dental consultation. During the consultation, we can answer any questions you might have, thoroughly explain your options, and discuss costs and insurance coverage for sedation.

The levels of sedation for dentistry are as follows:
laughing gas / nitrous oxide (a mild form of sedation)
oral sedation / conscious sedation (a moderate form of sedation)
IV sedation / general anesthesia (a deep form of sedation)

In general, we try to give patients the mildest form of sedation, that will still do the trick. The type of sedation that’s best for you will depend on:
•the dental treatment or procedure you’ll be undergoing
•your level of dental anxiety
•your dental history
•your medical history
•your preference

When it comes to sedation, each patient’s needs are different, and we take that into consideration when we are making recommendations.

For example, you may be perfectly comfortable visiting the dentist, but you want to get a large block of dental treatment completed in a single visit. In this instance, we might recommend oral sedation.

You might suffer from mild dental anxiety and need to get a routine cleaning, in which case, we might recommend laughing gas.

If you have a severe gag reflex and can’t tolerate dental procedures while you’re awake, we might recommend oral sedation or IV sedation.

If you need to get impacted wisdom teeth extracted or a root canal performed, we might recommend IV sedation.

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