Importance Of Regular Dental Visits

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Dental anxiety often prevents patients from getting the care that they desperately need. We treat patients who haven’t been to the dentist in years, because of fear of the dentist. The gentle dental care that we provide can help patients get back on track, and we offer three types of sedation, which makes visits to the dentist significantly easier.

Once your dental health has been regained, however, it’s important to keep maintaining it. At a “routine” dental exam and cleaning, we do so much more than clean your teeth.

We also:
• look for gum problems, broken fillings, or cracked teeth
• examine you for oral cancer
• evaluate any sensitivity you might have
• check for TMJ or bite problems
• recheck the dental work that’s been done

In short, we focus on identifying and catching dental issues while they’re still at a stage when treatment is easier and can be less expensive.  Why fix it if it doesn’t hurt?  Because being proactive can help you to avoid many dental emergency situations.

Most dental insurance plans will cover recall visits and cleanings every six months, so often times, there’s little or no out-of-pocket expense.

Many of our patients who are afraid to visit the dentist prefer to have their dental cleanings performed with laughing gas. We also offer oral (conscious) sedation and IV sedation.

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