Reasons To Change Dentists

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Not all relationships will last forever, and when it comes to your dental health, there may be a good reason to switch dentists or choose a new dental office for yourself.  Making that change is easier than you would think and we can help!

In our experience throughout the years, these are a few of the most common reasons people decide to seek a new dentist.

Sedation Dentistry: Sedation for dentistry can make dental visits more comfortable, for all types of treatments and procedures. Not many dental offices in the Denver metro area offer all three types of sedation dentistry (IV sedation, conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide), but we do.

Location Of The Dental Office: People will often choose to find a new dentist if they have moved or found a new job and prefer to have their dental office closer to home or work.

New To The Denver Area: People who are new to the area are in need of finding a new dentist that they can rely on.  It is often that we see new patients who have moved to Colorado from other states and are now putting down roots in the Denver metro area.

Dental Insurance: Dental insurance may cover the costs of many procedures and treatments, and most people would prefer to stay “in network.” We accept dental insurance from most PPOs (including Aetna, Delta Dental, MetLife, Guardian, and Humana). We don’t accept dental insurance from HMOs.

Dental Financing: Some dental treatment can be expensive, even with insurance coverage, and not all dental offices offer financing options. Through CareCredit, we are happy to offer no-interest financing. This can help make it possible to get the treatment you need now, without having to wait.

Discomfort or Disconnect: Oftentimes, people will start to feel uncomfortable with their dentist and/or feel that there’s a disconnect. Something may seem off, and people either want a second opinion and/or they want to feel more respected. Sometimes they are looking for a more compassionate dentist who understands their fears and concerns. We’re happy to meet with prospective patients in a free dental consultation, to find out if we’ll be a good fit for each other.

No matter what your needs, if you think it’s time for a change in your dental health (and overall health), we would love to meet with you!

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