How To Overcome Past Dental Experiences

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If you are had a bad experience at the dentist, as a child or an adult, it can be challenging to overcome the memory of the trauma.

The good news is that today’s dental techniques, materials, and equipment are far superior to those used decades ago. More importantly, we are dedicated to providing the most comfortable, gentle dentistry possible, for every patient, every visit.

A great way to overcome a bad dental experience is to new, positive experiences, and the proper form of sedation dentistry can help provide those. Imagine going to the dentist, and your appointment and treatment are a breeze!

Well, thanks to the three types of sedation that we offer, that can happen, which means that you can receive the care you need, without feeling anxious about visiting the dentist.

Laughing Gas / Nitrous Oxide
For people with mild anxiety, nitrous oxide can be the answer! There’s a reason it’s known as “laughing gas,” because it makes most patients feel relaxed, and perhaps giddy. We administer this type of sedation through a nosepiece during your dental treatment. When your dental treatment is completed, we give you fresh oxygen to help you feel alert again. Laughing gas can help you to tolerate all types of dental treatments, including simple cleanings.

Oral Sedation / Conscious Sedation
Oral sedation, which is also known as “conscious sedation,” is the next highest level of sedation. With oral sedation, you take a pill before your dental appointment, and you essentially “sleep” through your treatment. Time passes quickly, and after your appointment, you’ll have little or no memory of what happened.

IV Sedation
IV sedation, which is also known as “general anesthesia,” is the deepest form of sedation. The sedation is administered by a nurse anesthetist, through an IV that’s attached to your arm.

With both oral sedation and IV sedation, your vital signs and oxygen levels are monitored during the procedure.

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