Delta Dental Insurance

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Delta Dental is one of the largest providers of dental insurance in Colorado, and we’re pleased to be a preferred provider for Delta, in their network of dentists. We accept all types of Delta Dental insurance plans, not only from Delta Dental Colorado, but also from other states (such as Delta Dental California).

You can choose a sedation dentistry office near you that accepts Delta Dental insurance:
Denver / Centennial Dental Office (I-25 and Dry Creek, just south of Park Meadows Mall)

Many dentists in Delta Dental’s network do not offer sedation, and few offer all three types of sedation. We’re pleased to be able to provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation (conscious sedation), and IV sedation (general anesthesia).

Being in network for Delta Dental insurance means that we have agreed to charge the fees that they’ve pre-set. Because of this, you’ll typically pay less for your dental care if you come to us than if you seek care at a dental office that isn’t a preferred provider for Delta Dental. As a preferred provider for Delta Dental, we also agree to abide by all of Delta’s policies.

Our front office staff will be happy to file your Delta Dental insurance claims for you. At the time of service, we’ll ask that you pay your estimated co-pay and deductible, and we’ll then file your claim and wait for reimbursement from Delta.

Sometimes insurance policies, including Delta’s, can be difficult to read and understand. If you have any questions about your coverage under Delta Dental, we’d be happy to take a look at your policy. We can also call Delta Dental directly to receive information and/or clarification.

When it comes to insurance and knowing what will be covered, a pre-determination of benefits can be extremely helpful. We can file this with Delta Dental before you agree to have a dental treatment or procedure, and the report that comes back from them will estimate how much Delta will cover and how much you’ll owe.

As a tip, it is good to know when your Delta Dental benefits year begins and ends so that you can make the most of your dental insurance. Delta caps the amount that it will pay out in any given benefits year, so as you get to the end of a benefits year (which, typically, runs from January 1- December 31), it’s important to schedule your treatments strategically so you can make the most of your Delta insurance.

For more information on Delta Dental insurance, please contact:

Denver / Centennial Dental Office – call (303) 309-0749, near I-25 and Dry Creek (close to the intersection of Dry Creek and Yosemite, just south of Park Meadows Mall)

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