We Get It…And We Can Help!

NEW PATIENTS – FREE SEDATION IN FEBRUARY: Call (303) 323-8149 to inquire about our free sedation offer (with restrictions) for all new patients.

If you are one of the many people that is afraid to visit the dentist, we get it! If you haven’t been to the dentist in years – even though you may know that you have dental problems that need to be treated – we understand and we’re here for you!  If you think that painless dentistry isn’t possible – we’re here to tell you it can be possible!

At Meadows Dental, we offer gentle dental care, as well as three types of sedation, which can make dental treatments and procedures so much easier for you to tolerate.

Even beyond that, we have a caring staff (including two sedation dentists) who have extensive experience treating patients who have a challenging time going to the dentist.  We are the gentle dentistry experts!

Often times, we learn that our patients have had difficult experiences at the dentist in the past causing general fear to extreme anxiety. Some can’t tolerate any shots or drilling at all. Some have a physical disability that makes dental treatment challenging.

Whatever the reason you or (someone you love) may have for avoiding the dentist, we can talk about it in a free dental consultation and come up with a solution that will enable you to get the dental care you need.

These are the three types of sedation dentistry that we offer:

Laughing Gas: Also known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas can help relax you for your exams, cleanings, and treatments.

Conscious Sedation: Also known as sleep dentistry or oral sedation, conscious sedation involves taking a pill prior to your treatment. You’re then “awake” during your dental treatment, but not aware of much, and you have no memory of the treatment after it’s over. Conscious sedation can be helpful if you have trouble tolerating dental treatment and/or would like to get a large amount of treatment completed in a single dental visit.

IV Sedation: Also known as general anesthesia, IV sedation knocks you out completely. IV sedation can be helpful for tooth extractions, dental implants, and other complex or lengthy dental treatments.

To discuss more questions, learn about why we do what we do, or to schedule your dental appointment, please call (303) 323-8149, or e-mail contact@sedationdentistdenverco.com.

Please note: Located at 7430 Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree, our dental office is off C-470 and Quebec, on the southeast side of the Denver metro area.