Panoramic X-Ray ~ Included In Our Free Dental Consultation

In the month of February, we’re offering free sedation for all our new patients. Some restrictions apply, please call us to learn all the details, (303) 323-8149.

As part of the free dental consultation that we offer all new patients, we include a Panoramic X-ray at absolutely no charge to you.

The Panoramic X-ray offers a state-of-the-art, two-dimensional view of your entire mouth (teeth, upper and lower jaws, bones, and tissues).

Panoramic X-rays are the perfect option for people who have dental anxiety, because Panoramic X-rays do not require you to open your mouth wide. Traditional bitewing X-rays can be uncomfortable for some patients, because they require you to not only open your mouth wide, but also remain still while the X-rays are being taken, and endure 4 separate sets of films being placed into your mouth. In contrast, when we take a Panoramic X-ray, you just have to put your chin into the center of the Panoramic X-ray unit, then bite down on a bite block, and remain still for 12-20 seconds.

Along with ease, Panoramic X-rays also reduce radiation exposure (a reduction of up to 40%), they’re faster than bitewings, and they allow us to get a sharp view of what’s going on with your dental health.

We use Panoramic X-rays to get a detailed picture of your overall dental health and to spot additional dental problems or conditions, such as:
impacted wisdom teeth
cracked or broken teeth
cracked or broken fillings
•cavities and decay
•advanced periodontal disease
•bone loss
•an abscess causing a toothache
•oral cancer

Just as with traditional X-rays, we’ll have you wear a lead apron during the X-ray procedure, and if you’re pregnant (or suspect that you might be pregnant) let us know right away.  You should do your best to avoid all types of dental X-rays.

Panoramic X-ray is a not only a better option than bitewing X-rays for everyone, it’s also helpful for patients who have strong gag reflexes.

If you have any questions about Panoramic X-rays, today’s restorative dentistry options, or would like to come in for our free consultation, please contact us (303) 323-8149, or e-mail us at

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