Silver Amalgam Fillings Removal

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Embarrassed about the look of your teeth…with all of the silver that shows when you laugh, smile, or just open your mouth? Replacing silver amalgam fillings with natural-looking white, composite fillings is an excellent cosmetic dentistry option, one that’s a part of many smile makeovers!

For over 150 years, silver amalgam was a common filling material! Made of silver, tin, copper, and mercury (which served to bind the metals together), amalgam proved to be a durable and strong material for fixing cavities. But amalgam fillings were never an attractive option, and some people have suffered ill effects from having these metals placed into their mouths.

For many decades now, dentists have been using composite fillings (also known as white fillings) as the preferred choice for filling cavities and restoring teeth, but many patients are still left with the silver amalgam from their childhood or early adult years. And the question becomes, what to do about the amalgams!

If you would like to have some or even all of your silver amalgam fillings removed and replaced with white fillings, we invite you to come in for a free dental consultation, to talk about your options. In the consultation, we’ll take free 3D digital imaging X-rays, which will show the size and placement of your silver amalgam fillings.

Some patients choose to have all their silver amalgam fillings removed at once (something which is made easier with sedation for cosmetic dentistry like  IV sedation or oral sedation, both of which we offer), while others prefer to stagger the dental work. In general, it’s best to replace the largest silver amalgam fillings first, because they’re the ones that are the most likely to crack or fracture, to get recurring decay beneath them, and/or to cause other dental problems.

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