Block It All Out With Sedation Dentistry

Take advantage of free sedation in the month of January. Some restrictions apply, call (303) 323-8149 for more details.

For some, a visit to the dentist can be quite challenging. They may experience anxiety because of the sights, sounds, or smells of the dental office and/or dental treatments.

At Meadows Dental, we strive to offer the most gentle, comfortable dental care possible, for all of our patients. Toward that end, we have televisions in the ceilings and headphones available for your use. Many of our patients enjoy using these “distractions” during their dental appointments. Watch your favorite TV show, or crank up the volume on your favorite tunes!

We’re also one of the few dental offices in the Denver metro area to offer three types of sedation for dental treatments:
• IV sedation (also known as general anesthesia)
• oral sedation (also known as conscious sedation and sleep dentistry)
• laughing gas (also known as nitrous oxide)

With IV sedation, you’re completely unconscious, which makes it a good option for people who are extremely fearful and/or undergoing complex treatment (such as wisdom teeth removal).

With oral sedation, you’re conscious, but less aware of your surroundings. Time seems to pass quickly, and after the dental procedure, you’ll have little or no memory of what happened.

Laughing gas is a mild sedative, administered through a small mask that fits over your nose. Most patients experience a giddy sensation when they receive laughing gas, hence the name. Laughing gas can help you relax and is a great solution for people with mild anxiety.

If you’re wondering what type of sedation might be right for you, schedule a free dental consultation with Dr. O’Leary or Dr. Peppler. Both are experienced, gentle dentists! In the consultation, they can talk to you about your dental anxiety or fears, your dental history, which type of dental treatments you need, and what will be best for you.

For more information about our compassionate dentists, sedation dentistry, or to schedule an appointment or free consultation, please call (303) 323-8149, or e-mail

Please Note: Our dental office is on the southeast side of the Denver metro area, near C-470 and Quebec (just west of Park Meadows Mall). We accept most types of dental insurance, and we also offer 0% dental financing.