State-Of-The-Art Dental X-Rays: 3D Imaging

Free sedation offer for new patients in February – call our office for more details, (303) 323-8149.

Thanks to cutting-edge dental X-ray technology, we can now see your entire mouth in the form of high-resolution, 3D images.

Gone are the days when we only had bite-wing X-rays to see what our eyes could not!

This 3D imaging X-ray technology gives a crisp and clear picture of your: teeth, roots, nerves, tissues, bones, and airways. This can be especially helpful when we’re planning treatment for dental implants or cosmetic dentistry.

If you have dental anxiety, or if your gag reflex is easily triggered, you’ll especially be excited about these 3D X-rays. Nothing is placed inside your mouth. Instead, you bite down on a stick, and a scanner circles your head, taking 3D images. It couldn’t be easier – and with less radiation than traditional X-rays!

We’re including the 3D X-rays at no charge for new patients, as part of our free dental consultation.

For more information on this unique 3D X-ray technology or to schedule a dental appointment, please call (303) 323-8149, or e-mail

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