Free Consultation For Sedation Dentistry

Please call today to schedule your free sedation dentistry consultation:

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Sedation dentistry can make a difference in your life! Sedation makes dental appointments easier, and can help make you less anxious or fearful about visiting the dentist.

We offer these three different levels of sedation dentistry:
IV sedation
conscious sedation (also known oral sedation)
nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas)

Which type of sedation is right for you? How does oral sedation compare to laughing gas?  It all depends on your level of dental anxiety, your dental history, the type of treatment you need, any medical conditions you have, and more.

Ideally, we prefer to use the lowest level of sedation, but one which will absolutely ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed.

In a free dental consultation, we can talk with you about which sedation option would be best for you and how sedation is administered. Sometimes, people believe that they want or need IV sedation for certain dental procedures, only because they have never heard about conscious sedation or do not understand how it works. Other times, laughing gas will do the trick, particularly for simple dental procedures, such as cleanings or small fillings.

In order to schedule your free dental consultation, call or send an e-mail to the sedation dental office nearest you.

Sedation Dentist Near Me
Our sedation dental office is near you if you live or work in: Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, southeast Aurora, Parker, Denver Tech Center, Meridian, Inverness, or Park Meadows.

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