Free Dental Consultation For Someone You Love

Help someone you love by scheduling a free dental consultation today – choose the dental office that is near you:

Denver / Centennial Dental Office, (near I-25 and Dry Creek, just south of Park Meadows Mall), please call (303) 309-0749!

Some people have a difficult time visiting the dentist. We understand people’s dental fear and anxiety around appointments and treatment, and we do everything that we can to provide very gentle care, in a very safe environment.

But we can not help people, unless we can get them to visit a dental office, and that is where you come in…

Has someone you love been avoiding the dentist? How long has it been? Maybe it is your spouse, or your friend, or your parent, or your adult child…whoever it is, we’re here to help both of you!

We offer a free dental consultation and you are more than welcome to not only schedule this consultation for someone you love, but also to come to the appointment!

Often, that little bit of extra support can mean the difference between getting someone the dental care needed, and postponing treatment until it becomes more painful and expensive!

During the dental consultation, we go over dental history, talk about next steps, and the three sedation options.

And this explanation is, perhaps, the most important part of the consultation, because most people aren’t aware that today’s dentistry offers many pain-free options.

We offer all three types of sedation dentistry:
•IV sedation
•oral sedation / conscious sedation
•laughing gas / nitrous oxide

We understand that the first step is often the most difficult step, which is why we’re happy to offer the free consultation, an appointment that can certainly be life-changing.

There’s no need to be afraid to smile…or to live with dental pain…or to avoid going to the dentist for years…or to continue to dread every dental appointment!

We can help change all of that by helping someone you love get back on track with their dental care.

Are you assisting someone who has disabilities?  Sedation dentistry can be very helpful for people who have physical limitations that make visiting the dentist a challenge.

To schedule your free dental consultation for someone you love, call or send an e-mail to the sedation dental office nearest you.

Sedation Dentist Near Me
Our sedation dental office is near you if you live or work in: Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, southeast Aurora, Parker, Denver Tech Center, Meridian Inverness or Park Meadows.