Sedation Can Help People With Disabilities Tolerate Dentistry

February Sedation Special: Call (303) 323-8149 to schedule an appointment and ask us about our free sedation offer for new patients (restrictions apply). 

Thanks to today’s sedation options, people with disabilities are better able to tolerate dental treatment, from simple cleanings to complex dental procedures.

Sedation dentistry can help people who:
• have mild, moderate or severe dental anxiety
• have a severe gag reflex
• have trouble sitting still
• have difficulty holding their heads in place
• experience muscle tics or spasms
• have tiny mouths
• have TMJ or discomfort in their jaws
• have trouble keeping their mouths open for a long period of time
• have a physical or mental disability that makes dental appointments a challenge
• have anxiety over being touched
• drool excessively
• have swallowing issues

At our dental office, which is located in Lone Tree, we offer three types of sedation for dentistry:
laughing gas (nitrous oxide)
conscious sedation (oral sedation, sleep dentistry)
IV sedation (general anesthesia)

We’d be happy to talk with you about your needs, and how we may help – whether the dentistry is for you or someone you love. Just give us a call and schedule a free dental consultation, which includes a 3D X-ray. Our X-ray machine represents cutting-edge technology, and nothing is placed in the mouth. Instead, the patient bites down on a stick, and the scanner circles around, taking 3D images. There’s less radiation than with traditional bitewing X-rays, and the procedure couldn’t be easier!

For further information about the sedation options for people with disabilities or anxiety, or to schedule a free consult, please contact our office at (303) 323-8149, or e-mail

Please Note: Our dental office is located in a modern, one-story building and is fully handicap-accessible, including our restrooms. We’re located in Lone Tree, just off C-470 and Quebec (in the Kohl’s parking lot). You can pull right up to our front door. We accept most types dental insurance coverage and are in network for: Assurant, Delta Dental, United Concordia, and Aetna.