Can You Drive After IV Sedation

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“Can you drive after IV sedation?” is probably the most frequently asked question about IV sedation. Also known as “general anesthesia,” IV sedation is administered through an IV that is placed in your arm, and once it is administered, you become completely unconscious until the dental procedure is completely over.

After the dental procedure is completed, you will wake up, but you still might feel somewhat groggy or a bit out of it for several hours, which is why it’s not safe to drive. If you decide to have IV sedation, someone will need to bring you to the dental office and wait during your dental procedure, or return and pick you up after your dental treatment is completed.

Oral sedation for dentistry, which is administered through a pill, also requires a ride home. With laughing gas, however, (which is the mildest form of sedation), in most cases, you’ll be able to drive yourself home after your dental appointment.

Despite the extra step of having to get someone to drive you home, IV sedation can be the best answer for many patients, allowing them to undergo treatment without anxiety or challenges.

IV sedation is a great option for the following:
• patients with moderate or severe dental anxiety
• complicated treatments (such as wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, or the placement of dental implants)
• patients who have a disability that makes it challenging to undergo dental treatment
• patients who would like to complete a block of treatments in a single dental visit
• patients who have trouble getting numb

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