Broken Crowns and Bridges: A Dental Emergency

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Crowns and bridges, which are restorations that repair or replace severely damaged or missing teeth, are meant to last a very long time… but not necessarily forever!

Crowns and bridges can crack, break, or even fall out of your mouth, and suddenly, you have a dental emergency on your hands!

If you have a broken crown or bridge, please call one of our dental offices immediately.

Broken Crowns
If a piece breaks off a porcelain crown, in some instances, we can repair the crown by bonding the crown back together. If a piece breaks off a metal crown, or you lose a metal crown, we can replace the gold crown with a more natural-looking porcelain crown. Over the past 10+ years, porcelain crowns have become much more durable.

Broken Bridges
If your bridge breaks or if it falls out, you may consider replacing it with a dental implant. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, to which replacement teeth are attached. They look and function like your natural teeth and can be a great improvement over a bridge, particularly a metal bridge.

What causes crowns and bridges to break or fall off? Causes of damage can include the following:
• grinding your teeth
• biting down on something hard
• failure of the material in the crown (because of “wear and tear” or poor lab work)
• malocclusion (your teeth not coming together properly, which throws off your bite)
• decay getting inside the crown or bridge
• poor oral hygiene
• changes in your medical condition and/or medications

For crown and bridge work – and all of our other dental treatments – there are three  sedation dentistry options: laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation.

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