Severe Gag Reflex: Sedation Can Help

Sedation can help if you have a strong gag reflex – click here to schedule a free sedation dentistry consultation.

If you have a severe gag reflex, making it difficult for you to visit the dentist, we can help you by using sedation dentistry!

Also known as a “hyperactive” gag reflex, this condition can be caused by and/or lead to nervousness and different levels of dental anxiety.

The gag reflex is one of your body’s protective mechanisms, meant to keep you from choking or swallowing toxic substances. When the gag reflex is touched, it will cause muscles at the back of your throat to contract and repel objects or harmful substances.

Some people struggle to receive certain types of dental treatment because of where their gag reflex is located, while others are more prone to gagging because of the stress and anxiety. Whatever the cause, sedation can help you!

With laughing gas, you are more relaxed during dental treatment. With conscious sedation, which is also known as “oral sedation,” you are partially awake, but less aware of your surroundings or the passage of time. And with IV sedation, you’re fully sedated or “under” during the entire procedure.

If you have concerns about your gag reflex, please talk with us about your dental experiences and how we can make your future trips to the dentist more comfortable.  We can also discuss oral sedation vs. IV sedation to help you find a customized solution.

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